Week 8: Mid-Term Motivation

With so much going on between work, school, and home, it is always good to take a moment to take a step back and assess. I appreciate the video that was posted on goal making. It was a good reminder to not let the end goal overwhelm and obscure the reason for that goal in the first place. I think the big take-away from the video was one particular quote, “set those small daily goals to get to those week goals, and then, eventually, I got to that big goal! Once I hit that big goal, then I reevaluated and actually set another goal.” I also like the quote, “if you only look to the large goal it’s going to seem insurmountable, so set smaller goals as you go.” It helps to put it all in perspective and refocus how I want my week to look and moving forward, how I want the remainder of my semester and time at SMSU to look too.

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